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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Finished Diable Body Sculpt and Start of Mould

Its been a very busy and exciting weekend, having finished the body sculpt I have begun the mould making process. Here are some photos of the finished sculpt.

Here I used Lighter fluid to smooth the modeling clay, it worked a treat

The Mould Begins

I have used standard pottery clay to hold him in position while make the 1st part of the mould.

Gee what a mess. I hope Ron Cole will avert his eyes from the next picture. I have used Skrim with plaster to strengthen the mould

After going around the edge with a sharp knife I cut the excess plaster off.

Ok Ron you can look again. I made a wall with the pottery clay a step for getting my fingers between the two halves. Having applied vaseline to the exposed plaster I am ready for the next half.
This has been a great and messy weekend and I have learnt a lot. I am really looking forward to when the plaster if fully cured, which should be on Monday night, so I can begin casting.

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