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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Disaster With My Mould

Well I'm just going to have to put this down to trial and error and most definately this was an error. My plaster should have cured after 24 hours and to me it seemed to have done so, I was wrong. When prizing apart the two halves the mould crumbled and all the layers of plaster soaked skrim had not adhered to the initial detail plaster layer. I guess my plaster was very old or something, I not too sure what went wrong. Thankfully I managed to retrieve my sculpt out of its crumbling messy tomb with just a couple of dents that are easy to fix. This set back is a bit disheartening but now i'm going to source a better plaster and start again.


  1. sorry to hear about your plaster disaster, in my experience the freshest plaster possible is an absolute imperative even if it it is a reputable brand.
    the stuff i used to use for slipcast was called herculite never had any problems with that.

  2. cheers Amoebaboy. I just bought some new plaster today from Tiranti's called Modell described as very hard plaster. I'm going to have ago this weekend, fingers crossed. If it does not work again I will definately get some herculite.