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Friday, 2 January 2009

Le Diable a New Puppet.

Here are some photos of an armature of Le Diable which I began yesterday. They are all early stage and hope to update this post with the progress. Let me know what you think and advice is always welcome as is critisim.

Sketch for the armature

Removeable Hands

Back view showing posts for removeable tail and wings

Front View

Epoxy Hooves

Nails Wired to Armature for bones

Small Nail bone

KS brass square sections for removeable tail and wings, cut extra long for mould registration.

Clay being applied

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  1. Lovely work on this, Tony. I am watching your technique for when I'm to make cloven hooves.

  2. Thanks again Shelly. Love your blog are still in need of fish? If so would love to make you one.

  3. Yes....I love the techniqe as well...

    so much to much.


  4. I just found your blog - I make needle felted dolls (sculpted wool) that are quite flexible and am venturing into the world of stop-motion with them. I love your videos - thanks for providing me with inspiration.

  5. Thanks Kay. I just visited your blog. How beautiful is your work......very!. I have never seen needle felting before, its amazing and what you are doing with it is inspired.